Back in the Saddle at Phillip Island

It’s been a few years now since we have been behind the wheel of the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, but it was great to be back with the team at MPC in the Skwirk Audi with Jake Fouracre.


It was a sensational weekend at the iconic Australia track and we finished P14 overall.


Jake had absolutely cracking pace to start the race but unfortunately a high speed tyre failure hurt us taking some serious track positions and putting a real dint in our strategy.


I had a good run but that early loss of our strategic advantage meant I was needing to save fuel while overtaking cars which was fun!


20 laps from the end I had a massive reduction in braking power and had little to no brakes. With a high speed tyre failure on the last corner of the last lap I was lucky that I made it past the chequered flag in one piece!


It was great to be back at the Australian GT and with plenty left in our year, I sincerely look forward to getting back in the Audi. My thanks to Rod Salmon, Jake and the whole MPC Team for a sensational race weekend.