Bathurst 12 Hour 2014 7th-9th of February at Mt Panorama

After months of preparation, the team at Liam Talbot Racing (LTR) are primed to start the road trip to Bathurst, NSW. LTR would like to thank Audi Australia for providing Liam and the team with an Audi A5 2.0L Diesel Sportback. The team gathers for the first photo, the first of many photos to come. Bathurst get ready for Team LTR!

2Being a surfer with salt water in his veins, the ocean has always been a place where Liam can clear his thoughts, centre himself, and focus on the job ahead. Andrew Williams (pictured right with the blue surfboard) is one of LTR’s biggest fans, Andrew was stoked to ride the waves with the man himself.3The team reached Armidale near the end of the first day, hitting the road early the next morning. An early morning interview and photoshoot at Oxley Scenic Lookout East of Tamworth at 9am, where temperatures were already exceeding 30 degrees.4Shortly after a lunch stop in Coolah we encountered two jackeroos on horseback taking livestock up to the road for greener pastures. Taking the inland roads made for terrific scenery. Our convoy was slowed to a halt after meeting the locals….moooo!5
6With such beautiful scenery the inland roads provided, the camera crew couldn’t help but make a few impromptu stops on the way. The Audi A5 Sportsback put on show contrasting its impressive lines and styling with the arid and sparse Aussie outback.8 9 11 12 10 14 7Proof that in life, sometimes taking the road less travelled yields the greatest reward.

Finally, after a touch over 1,000km team LTR arrived in Bathurst. Being avid motorsport enthusiasts, the team couldn’t help but take a lap around the legendary track. The media crew following the Audi were beyond excited to take their first lap around the legendary track. All of their Christmas’s had come at once.
Starting fresh the next morning, the team began unpacking the truck. Here is a rare shot of the underbelly aero on the Audi most would not get the chance to see.16
It was all hands on deck getting the Audi into the Pits and beginning set up for the big event!17
Liam with his personal trainer Tony Hebrard going through their pre-race warm up routine.19
Sharpening up those reactions with a few exercises.2021
Getting in the Zone, look at those eyes!22 23 24
Liam taking a moment prior to hitting the track, mental preparation and focus in a race like this is just as important as the performance of the car.25
Audi showing their presence with six Audi R8 LMS Ultra’s competing on the weekend. A quick group photo before hitting the track.26
Melbourne Performance Centre’s pit crew were truly amazing. The speed and efficiency demonstrated by the crew was remarkable.27
The team gathers and discusses strategy before hitting the track.28
A view down to the pits from Audi’s corporate box.
Jason Bright and Liam working with car owner and co-driver Rod Salmon.29
Team LTR took the opportunity to interview a few of the racing royalty as well as Australian Hollywood big wigs. Here is Iolande having a chat with one of Australia’s V8 racing legends, John Bowe. John brought his vast experience and race craft to the winning Maranello Motorsport Ferrari 458 Italia. All round top bloke, John was a pleasure to talk to.37
Look who we found in the pits, Eric Bana! His latest movie; Deliver Us From Evil is in post-production. As expected, he was quirky, warm and a gentleman. Eric was racing with the FXD Lamborghini Gallardo team with co-drivers Peter Hill and Simon Middleton. They finished a very credible fifth in Class B.39
After so much training, preparation and an awesome road trip down here thanks to Audi Australia, this is not the way we wanted to start the weekend. Our Skwirk Audi R8 LMS Ultra sustained a high speed impact during the first qualifying session and unfortunately the car is irreparable in time for tomorrow’s race. My thanks must go to our great crew for all their hard work this week.40

We will be back for next year’s Bathurst 12 Hour, guaranteed!

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