LTR Chases Down a Podium at Nurburgring 24 Hour

The sun is shinning, the smell of petrol, burnt rubber and red hot brakes fills the air. And the sound of some of the world’s best racing cars fighting the toughest battle of the year travels across Nurburg.

That’s right, we’re back for Day 2, the final day, of the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race. The clear black night took a number of casualties, with parts of the track resembling a scrap yard.

Liam has just finished his third stint in car #55 after surviving a shunt during the night and a slip ‘n slide across the track which was laced in oil. They currently sit P2 in class. Thanks to Shotz Sports Nutrition for fueling Liam in the N24HR.

Team mate Marcus Mahy has had to bow out of the race due to injury after a McLaren car ran into the Aston Martin V12 Vantage during the night racing. Luckily there was minimal damage to the car and it was able to be repaired and back on the track within an hour.

This means with just under 5 hours to go, the team must complete the race with just 3 drivers – Liam, Peter and Egon. Will they be able to catch the leading Lexus LFA to bring home the gold trophy?

Meanwhile, out in the German bush among the native petrol-heads, LTR /photographer/cameraman Scott Nelson braved the elements throughout the night to get those winning shots he’s famous for. Now that’s dedication!

Will Scotty return from the wild German forests or find a new home among the camouflage-clad, beer-prosting Mal Rose Fans?

Stay tuned!

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