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Taking Back the Ring with Kessel

Being the final race of our three week adventure, we were really pushing for a result. We finished the 24 in Barcelona, but due to a few breakages, we lost too much time to be a contender, even after a promising start. Coming to the Ring with Aston, we were excited for the VLN, particularly […]

Fighting the Fog at the VLN

Our epic three week adventure in Europe had a second stop with our family at the Aston Martin Nurburgring Test Centre. Whenever we head to the Ring, our very first stop is to this place where all my racing adventures began. After visiting the team at Aston, we started heading to our trackside hotel, the […]

Learning Italian

Perfecto, bellisimo, when it comes to Italian language, I’m all over it. In the past two days I’ve been learning a whole lot more Italian. Specifically, the language of the 458. It all started on the plane as I studied the dials and switches in the cockpit that control the car. It is always tricky […]